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What is a CETPRO?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Yanesha highschool students just a few blocks from our training center...future CETPRO students?

A "Centro Tecnologico Productivo" is a hands-on trade school offering apprentice diplomas for students to start working or continue studying. The two years of credit can be transferred to Peruvian institutes, and ultimately a state university in a much more affordable and accessible way. Although an agricultural school was part of the plan for the training center for several years, the exact format was in process. This kind of school is the perfect fit for our area and students. The diplomas CETPROs offer are approved by the Peruvian Board of Education and at the same time, gives us the freedom to teach from a Christian perspective and disciple students. We have formed a national board, are in the process of registering the association for the school legally, and will be working on all of the additional moving pieces in the coming months.

Our Yanesha leader Juan and Carlos talking shop on grounds at training center

Why do Yanesha youth need a Christian CETPRO?

  • Cost Most students cannot afford to study elsewhere, even if it's free. The travel and housing expenses alone are often untenable. Even if they can begin a program, they often don't finish for some reason.

  • Inclusive Learning Some students are more "hands-on" learners, rather than "book-learners." CETPROs use practical and experiential teaching styles that help non-traditional learners improve their skills in practical ways.

  • Location, location, location If students don't live in the community where our training center (CETPRO) is located, we are applying for "intern" status, so that they can lodge on campus during the week, returning home on the weekends. Travel expenses, if existent, will be minimal.

  • Agricultural Focus Most students own or have access to farmland. Their income is minimal if they cannot offer quality produce consistently. Innovation and increasing management skills can improve income and meet basic needs.

  • Evangelism and Discipleship We are able to incorporate sports, Bible courses and mentoring focused on spiritual needs and Christian life skills. After visiting schools for 6 years, we have gained some degree of credibility that will attract them to study at the center.


The center will offer unique opportunities within a Yanesha community to: • Provide local, accredited post-high school agricultural studies from a Christian perspective • Disciple and coach young families spiritually and professionally • Establish a long term base for training, discipleship, church planting and youth ministry to the Yanesha reservation (40 communities, 3000 people) and others in the Central Amazon Jungle

Desired Outcomes

Gospel outreach, discipleship and multiplication, resulting in...

  • Improved skills, production and markets for crops, to raise families out of poverty

  • Increased family and community health, fewer teenage pregnancies, greater high school completion and greater personal and spiritual development

  • Core of leaders to plant new churches, disciple youth, and improve health of established churches

Here is a video of a current short panoramic video shot of property

What will it take?

Prayer wisdom and provision from the Lord Finances to complete dining and lodging building and agricultural classrooms (more specifics below) Staff and Students recruitment of modular agricultural teachers (preferably believers), dorm assistants, teachers and mentors for Biblical training; plus the right students who will apply themselves, benefitting their families and communities Logistics legal registration and process required, curriculum creation and favor from local and regional authorities

Thankful for

  • All the construction already accomplished

  • Reliable consulting for CETPRO centers

  • Churches and individuals wanting to get more involved.

"By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care.." I Corinthians 3:10


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