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About the "El Camino" Technological School

  • Why do Yanesha youth need a Christian technological school?
    There is limited accessibility for Yanesha students, after finishing high school, to further their education. Inclusive learning technological schools use practical and experiential teaching styles that help non-traditional learners improve their skills in practical ways. Our school will provide these options to the local communities in an environment with a Christian worldview focus.
  • How much will it cost to attend?
    We hope to cover operational expenses through donors and organizational partners. To keep the program as accessible as possible, a minimal registration fee will be required. Students will cover their own transportation costs and materials.
  • Where is it?
    The CETPRO is located in Villa América, the main “hub” community of the Yanesha Communal Reserve in Pasco, Peru. Many families in outlying areas have a small home there.
  • What type of technological school is it?
    Each technological school in Peru has a technical skill focus. Ours will be focused on agriculture. Most students own or have access to farmland. Their income is negligible if they cannot offer quality produce consistently. Innovation and increasing management skills can improve income and meet basic needs.
  • What is the christian aspect of this technological school?
    There is a portion of the curriculum that is mandated to us by the government. But for nearly half of it, there is freedom to incorporate sports, Bible courses and mentoring focused on spiritual needs and Christian life skills.
  • How will my donated funds further this vision?
    So far donors have funded the first 2 buildings, soccer field, locker rooms, and most of the perimeter wall. This puts us in a position where we can begin classes with the first small wave of students that enroll. However, before we enroll students, we are required to have 3 years of operational expenses in reserve. Your donations will help us reach this goal, in order to begin investing in the lives of those Yanesha students.
  • How can I give?
    Click here to see all giving options
  • I have questions about giving
    Click here for all giving information.
  • How can I pray for this project?
    Pray that the legal documentation continues through the process well. Any legal entity working with the Peruvian government has an uphill battle. Bureaucracy is usually slow and can be frustrating. Pray that we continue to meet the right people to build out the faculty and staff that we need. Pray that the logistics of construction (material availability and cost) remain reasonable in a fluctuating economy. Pray for God to send us organizational partners that may be able to supplement this ministry. Pray for the Lord’s guidance, provision, and ultimately salvation among the Yanesha.
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