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Developing Yanesha Youth

to transform families & communities

Your generous donation brings Jesus' light to a darkened world 


unprecedented access to

technical training and spiritual development


in visionary educators and mentors focused on holistic growth


in Gospel
transformation in a forgotten

area of
the world

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At risk students in Peru rarely climb out of poverty

often resulting in exploitation,
criminal activity, and chronic family crisis

Without new opportunities
these students are

+  Struggling to complete high school,
let alone higher education

+  Vulnerable to predators & illegal activity

+  Repeating cycles of poverty & at-risk behaviors

+  Starting families as unprepared teenagers

+  Unexposed to positive gospel & discipleship role models


Because we believe the Gospel transforms lives,
we respond to the needs of the whole person
to prepare them for the workforce
and all of life

We believe they've been waiting for this

“I know my sons will study here, but can I too?”

Yanesha leader

Saul, age 39

Growing up
in extreme
poverty isn't easy

Some families have
to choose between

farming & school

Temptations to engage
in illegal farming abound

While many universities
are free to students,
the cost of travel & lodging are
often unattainable

But we know
that the story
doesn't end there

Jesus has called all of us to help spread the

Good News to the

ends of the earth

Some of us have been called to serve on the front lines

Some of us are called to send and empower through prayer 

Spiritual warfare is real


The good news
is that with
your help, new
can become

The Blocks1.jpg

for the past 26 years
Carlos & Meredith
have been serving
in the U. S. and



pastored a Hispanic congregation for 15 years and
has served 10 years in Peru 



has served in Peru

and mobilized

missionaries since 1994

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For the past 10 years Carlos & Meredith

have invested in the Yanesha people

and believe this school is a foundational

step in changing lives in the Peruvian jungle

As God leads them to make
this school a viable reality,
they need your support

50 %

resources for professors & mentors who will provide:

+  technical training

+  financial freedom courses

+  biblical life skills

50 %

resources for infrastructure

+  ongoing maintenance

of current structure

and grounds

+  funds for the next
building as 

100 % commitment

The Blocks are committed to launching this school to train and mentor
the next generation of Yanesha youth by:

+  leading the association overseeing the school

+  getting the right faculty & staff in place

+  ensuring the best groundwork is laid for structure & operation

+  ongoing investment in community relationships & youth ministry

+  caring for the students spiritual & physical development


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Here's how you can help


Give to this

Your generous donation will help lift Yanesha youth out of poverty and provide healthy spiritual input in
a crucial developmental
stage of life


The Blocks
will provide
a place for

technical and spiritual

Indigenous youth will learn & grow in their understanding of themselves, farming, life skills, and God's love
for them


Your support will provide resources

to help
real people triumph over spiritual and physical poverty

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 5.18_edited.jpg

Your donation helps youth like Nayeli


At age 17, Nayeli moved 4-5 hours

away from her parents to study. 


With the El Camino training center, she can stay

in her area, live with her parents,

and study as she matures emotionally.


Then she can decide to put her learning into practice

or seek further education, feeling more sure of who
she is 
and what she wants to do.


Help the light of Christ
overcome the darkness

Otherwise these young people will
likely remain trapped in cycles of spiritual and physical poverty


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