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Words from Juan

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A short update from our Yanesha partner Juan Dionicio (pictured center)...

Cetpro “El Camino” This year 2021, thanks to God, we have continued the construction of the wall. The other huge advance is the creation of a future Technological-Productive Center., (a two year technical school) First we worked on the name and vision together with leaders of the community: David López y David Arista. They are men who want to follow God and want to see their community thrive, offering their support and experience to help all of the process of registration, documentation, and donation of the land (plus 7 1/2 acres for farming practice recently approved by the leaders assembly).

Together with Pastor Carlos Block and sister Meredith we discussed possible names for the center and settled on this: Centro de Educacion Tecnico Productivo Intercultural “El Camino”, con Investigacion e Innovacion Agraria. (Educational, Technical- Productive, Center “El Camino”. Intercultural-Investigation- Innovation)

We ask for your prayers for the son of David López, his name is Piero, he’s 13, recovering from a hip infection. Please pray for David Arista to take the step of obedience to be baptized, and what that means for his life. (Both Davids on either side of Juan pictured above)

Juan and his family

We want to give God the glory, for His love, His hand that sustains us, and for His daily provision on our tables, for the Reachglobal missionary team in which the Lord has placed the same heart’s desire to serve together the Yanesha people. We also thank the brothers and sisters from our churches in the US who pray for us, my family, and bless us with their offerings. Many thanks to all of you. God bless you and keep you! JUAN JOSE DIONICIO MACHARI


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